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AfterTheBuilders Ltd. is specialised after builders cleaning agency in Barnsbury, N7. Get advantage of our special 10% off offer. Call us today and get a free quote!

The solution for the after builders cleaning can give you this reputable sanitizing company from London. It’s office is always open and very easy to find and the price rates are totally competitive. The workers have been properly trained and prepared to deliver an efficient after builders cleaning services with their natural disinfecting solutions and materials. You can be sure that by trusting this agency, you are leaving your real estate property in the best hands. Give to your place the cleaning it really needs with a brief call to the company’s business office in the capital or by directly visiting it.

What’s covered in After Builders Cleaning?

When a cleaning crew begins cleaning your home, they will be following a detailed list that comprises all activities that should be included in the service. We can personalise your tasklist, so if you want to make particular requests or include additional duties, we will put them in your job list and guarantee that the cleaning specialists arrive prepared for these chores.


  • Wipe down and disinfect all surfaces throughout the room.
  • Clean and polish the sink and faucets.
  • Clean the interior and exterior of all cabinets and drawers.
  • Wipe down all devices in the kitchen.
  • All surfaces and routinely handled items will be disinfected.


  • Clean and disinfect the sink, toilet and bathtub.
  • Polish glass surfaces and mirrors.
  • Cupboard and cabinet cleaning (both inside and outside).
  • Vacuum and mop the entire floor of the bathroom.

Bedrooms and living room

  • Wipe down and dust door frames, window sills, skirting boards and other surfaces.
  • Polish glass surfaces, mirrors, framed pictures and other glass surfaces.
  • Furniture will be cleaned and polished.
  • Vacuum clean all carpets and upholstery throughout the room.

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    Why do you need Professional After Builders Cleaning?

    When you have renovations at home, the construction workers will typically leave a large amount of waste and debris behind. This might be an issue since tiny particles and dust can cause health issues and irritations. This type of cleaning should be done by professionals. Not only will you be too distracted with the rest of the restoration process, but full and comprehensive removal of all debris needs experience and skills, as well as a wide range of professional equipment. If you find yourself in this situation, waste no time, give us a call and schedule an appointment with our customer service representatives.

    Professional post-renovation clean up

    When booking our after builders cleaning service, you will be provided with excellent results thanks to our experienced cleaning technicians and the high quality tools and products we supply them with. They will use all their knowledge in order to get rid of all waste, grime and debris and prepare your property for your return. All signs of dust will be eliminated and you will be able to enjoy your time, free of that responsibility. Trust us with this job – we guarantee the highest quality results available on the market. Schedule an appointment with us right away.

    Providing quality services with care

    Usually, a lot of chemicals are normally used during cleaning services such as the ones we offer, unfortunately, most of them aren’t necessarily healthy for human health. We only utilise non-toxic and biodegradable materials and procedures. Our business is licensed and insured, and we follow all health and safety regulations. We will deliver high-quality outcomes without jeopardising your or your loved ones’ health – you may be confident in that.

    Additional services we offer

    We aim for complete customer satisfaction and are proud to say that our hard work has paid off. The knowledge and skills we gained throughout our years on the market help us perform efficiently and always deliver top quality results. Whether you are a landlord, tenant, owner, or a real estate business – we can help you achieve your goals. We offer a wide range of cleaning solutions suitable for every need.

    What is the price of after construction cleaning?

    We value honesty and it is one of our top priorities. This is why we employ a unique pricing method that allows us to tailor the price for each service we provide. Each pricing is determined by the size of the property, the kind of renovations, and the number of jobs selected by the customer. All you have to do to receive a free personalised pricing quotation over the phone is call our office and answer all their questions. They will be able to supply you with the quotation right away.

    After Builders Cleaning Services Prices

    • After Builders Cleaningfrom £23/h
    • One Bedroom Property£149
    • Two Bedroom Property £169
    • Three Bedroom Property £195

    Feedback From Our Customers

    Hey there! I just wanted to stop by and say a big ‘thank you’ for all the work you did in my apartment. Your after builders cleaning service everything I needed.
    – David

    Construction work is perhaps the most difficult case in terms of cleaning but your company knows exactly how to do it successfully. Your help means a lot to us. Thank you.
    – Lars

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do you supply the cleaning materials?

      Yes, all the materials and tools are included in the package.

    • Can I book a service for the weekend? Will you charge me more?

      We are available seven days a week and we do not charge more for the weekends!

    • When is the best time to book after builders cleaning?

      We recommend to call us right after the construction work ends. If you book a service before the refurbishment ends we will be unable to clean your place completely.

    • There are lots of dust and dirt, can you clean everything?

      Yes, we will clean your home completely, no matter how dirty it is.

    Clean After Builders N7, Barnsbury

    cleaning after the builders Barnsbury

    If you intend to make significant home improvements around your house you should be prepared for a great clutter and a lot of hours, spent in scrubbing and tidying up. It doesn’t sound like fun, does it? Have you ever considered booking a professional after builders cleaning service? If you haven’t it’s time to do it because now you have nothing to worry about. The after builders cleaning experts are available seven days a week, they will come to your property on time, fully equipped and the service itself is aimed at fitting your limited budget. Call now and get your free quote.

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    After Builders Cleaning Barnsbury, N7

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    The most popular company in London is now offering affordable and efficient after builders cleaning services. There is not a more appropriate season for home improvement activities than the summer but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend the entire summer repairing and renovating. Let the most experienced cleaning professionals give you a hand with the cleaning procedures. There is no need to prolong the moving in. you can do it right after the cleaning experts leave the sparkling clean premises. Book now and get top quality at the lowest price in the industry.