Professional After Builders Cleaning Services in London

After The Builders is a professional cleaning company, providing its services all over London. The company began with just a few of the many services we offer today.

With our hard work and the help of our many happy customers, we gained a perfect reputation and managed to expand our business.

We are now able to cover a wide range of special cleaning services for both commercial and residential clients.

Professional After Builders Cleaning Services

    Our Services

    Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet cleaning is ever more popular. Although it is becoming increasingly popular in London, the level of service and the amount effort put by the cleaning services companies is not the same.

    Domestic Cleaning

    AfterTheBuilders Ltd is professional cleaning company that provides domestic cleaning services in London. Today a lot of people do not have the time necessary to maintain the proper appearance of their homes.

    Upholstery Cleaning

    We are professionals that provide qualitative upholstery cleaning services in London. Cleaning your upholstery is nothing short of tedious task that requires a lot of time and effort, knowledge and adequate equipment, to be done accordingly.

    After Builders Cleaning

    We are sure that whenever you get renovations done, you are excited to use your new, custom place. However, this is impossible because of all the construction waste and dirt that is left behind the builders.

    End of Tenancy Cleaning

    AfterTheBuilders Ltd. is a professional cleaning company that provides end of tenancy cleaning services in London. How should we start this? Probably there is barely a person out there who hasn’t been on rent.

    Jet Washing

    Our jet washing services are ideal for the effective disinfection of spaces which are constantly exposed to the negative effect of the weather and a big group of other factors which cause heavy polluting to the materials.

    Patio Cleaning

    The patio area at your house can be the perfect relaxation spot but it also requires a lot of maintenance - you have to keep it clean and neat looking. Depending on its size and the dirt accumulated, the cleaning procedure can take a really long time.

    Plumbing Services

    If you want to receive first class quality plumbing services in London we are introducing you our dedicated and very experienced company that will effectively deal with every problem that appears with your pipes.

    Decorating Services

    The decorating services we offer can make the rooms in your property perfectly painted. Your walls and ceilings will be painted exactly the way you want them and in the time you expect this work done.

    Rubbish Removal

    We know what a hassle rubbish removal can be. Whenever you are decluttering your house, renovating or moving out, a lot of stuff appears. Things we do not need or want, however, we have to manage with.

    Electrical Installations

    Electrical installations are usually done by professionals. So don’t ever think that an amateur can handle them. This is why if you ever have electrical problems, you should talk to professionals like us.

    Handyman Services

    Are you tired of repairing one and the same thing over and over again, which seems so easy to deal with but keeps on breaking? Put an end to this frustration by ordering our handyman services.

    We are able to cover different tasks depending on the service you need. We have been offering and providing our services for nearly 10 years. Focusing on the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers, we managed to set our standards high. It has always been our mission to help people and just do what we do best. We have now mastered and perfected all our services. We also managed to gather an amazing team of professionals that are with us from the beginning of the company.

    All our employees are highly experienced professionals in the field that they perform in. They have a personal approach to the job and always aim to do their best. What is more, they enjoy what they do so you can rest assured no time or effort will be spared on their side.

    In order to help them perform better we invested in a wide range of high quality professional equipment and detergents. All of them are carefully picked for the particular service they are used in. Efficient at dirt and stain removal but at the same time gentle, biodegradable and safe for your health.

    Our company covers all cleaning services with professionalism and responsibility. We aim to never disappoint and always bring flawless results to all our customers. For our many years in the cleaning service industry we managed to understand the needs of all clients and find the best approach in which we can handle any issue. Most of our customers are regulars. They have been with us for many years and keep recommending our services to friends and family. We are excited to have you as the next happy customer on our list! Call us now and book a service that will suit your needs best. We will be there in no time and will assist you all the way.

    Call us now and book your service. Our office agents are professionals and will assist you with the whole process. They are able to advise you on any issue, recommend a service, help you book your service and give you a free quote over the phone. Just share some details about your particular situation and they will organise everything for you.

    We work 7 days a week, including all holidays for your convenience. Give us a call now and receive the high quality service you deserve. phone: 020 3745 5190

    After Builders Cleaning North London

    We offer after builders cleaning in North London. We understand your needs and provide top quality cleaning on reasonable and affordable prices. Our professional team of experienced cleaners will be there for you to provide you with the best result meeting all your expectations.

    After Builders Cleaning North West London

    Our working time in NW London is flexible, depending on your schedule and needs. You don’t have to worry or be there while the members of our cleaning team are doing their job, because every employee we hire is well background checked.

    After Builders Cleaning South East London

    Renovation is usually associate with newer and better, but after the builders your expectations might be different from the actual result. You don’t have to worry, because the after builders cleaning we provide in SE London will bring out the best of your new home.

    After Builders Cleaning South West London

    No matter how much time it will take, our team can handle any type of cleaning. If you have any questions about the services we provide in SW area you can get in touch with us via the contact form on or give us a call.

    After Builders Cleaning West London

    The services provided in West London by our cleaners include many different chores needed to be done in order to achieve a properly cleaned and renovated property, covering all your requirements.

    Feedback From Our Customers

    I’d like to express my delight with the cleaning services I had last week and to say how great your cleaners were. They washed all the windows and even managed to reach where I couldn’t. And the kitchen looks great.

    Izabel Whittaker

    Your team have arrived on time, with everything which they need, and only for a few hours, they have achieved an excellent result. Now my house looks really nice for a short period of time. Thank you very much.

    Daniel Ingram

    The technician reached the total carpet area in my living room and there is furniture. He has suggested to scothgard the carpet for a very small additional cost and now I feel completely safe about my carpets.

    Erika Moore

    I was really surprised to organize the service so easy over the phone and on the day I was very happy with your technician and the result!

    George Gampbell