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We are professionals that provide qualitative upholstery cleaning services in London. Cleaning your upholstery is nothing short of tedious task that requires a lot of time and effort, knowledge and adequate equipment, to be done accordingly. It’s often the case that we endeavor to carry it out on our own and end up losing time, money and composure. Our London company has devised a service that’s delivered with maximum care for your comfort by highly trained individuals used to meeting deadlines and completing the job in the least time possible.

Upholstery cleaning services may diverge, depending on the kind of upholstery you’re addressing. They are all made of different fiber and materials that react differently to different detergents and cleaning techniques. That’s why our specialists take extreme care in analyzing the structure of your furniture and suggest a method that will achieve maximum results.

In restoring your furniture brand new look, we utilize broad range of techniques, namely hot water extraction – good for removing stains and recommend when cleaning furniture made by natural fibers, there’s also stain removal which includes the common suspect – ink, red wine, coffee and other liquids that leave stains upon spilling, and of course steam cleaning which extracts the grime and dust from the very base of your upholstery.

non-toxicscotchgardAll our cleaning materials are environmentally friendly and child safe, thus winning us the name of a trustworthy and caring company. Despite our expansion in London, we still keep friendly contact with our clients, stressing how important it is to make the customer understand that we’re there to save him money and effort. The musky odor that your detergents at home leave, is replaced by the freshness and pleasant scent left by our cleaning materials. It’s worth mentioning that after the task is completed your furniture is bestowed with grime and dust-fighting capabilities, repelling such particles for the weeks to come.

Our services may include other type of cleanings as well, that’s why we offer them in bundles, making them even more accessible. Prices fall even further, because we don’t charge services that you ordered but you don’t need. It’s all part of our ongoing policy that we should be of as much help as possible to our clients. Also, we work to brisk schedules to ensure that you won’t be disturbed by us friendly as we are. Everything is done in the matter of hours, but the results are there for years.