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We are a cleaning company specializing in providing professional cleaning services. After Builders is a cleaning process which needs a high attention and a deep understanding. Our cleaning team is well trained, professional and experienced. We are able to cover different tasks depending on the service you need. We offer and provide our service for more than seven years.

Renovation is usually associated with newer and better, but after the builders your expectations might be different from the actual result. You don’t have to worry, because the after builders cleaning we provide in London will bring out the best in your new home.

Our customers sometimes sound concerned about their expectations and the service they need. We understand how difficult it is to have multiple tasks related to renovation at your property. In the end all you need is a perfectly clean and shiny property ready for you and your new life. Well if this is your wish then all you need to do is to choose the real specialists ready to offer you a top to bottom deep and precise clean with no exceptions.

Our company covers After Builders Services with professionalism and responsibility. We know that having different renovation services requires different techniques when it comes to a final clean. Due to this reason we always pay attention individually to each customer as our vision is that everyone should be assisted with attention to the detail. We are able to cover a service over the limit of your highest standard.

Wooden surfaces, floors and door frames, for example, are delicate surfaces that need to be cleaned very carefully. Our technicians know how to remove all streaks, scratches or paint from your wooden surfaces without damaging them. They will clean and polish them properly.

Hard surfaces, such as tiles, glass or concrete suffer a lot of paint, grout or concrete stains. All those will be thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned to perfection.

Your carpets, curtains and upholstery will suffer a lot during the process. Even if you cover them with plastic sheets, the fine dust will find its way and fill them in with grime. We are able to rid you of all dust, gathered in their fibers. If needed, steam cleaning will also be performed and your carpets and upholstery will be clean, fresh, dust-free and disinfected.

After Builders Cleaning Services Prices

  • After Builders Cleaningfrom £18/h

Builders Cleaning North London

after the builders north LondonWe offer after builders cleaning in North London. We understand your needs and provide top quality cleaning on reasonable and affordable prices. Our professional team of experienced cleaners will be there for you to provide you with the best result meeting all your expectations.

Builders Cleaning North West London

after the builders north west LondonOur working time in NW London is flexible, depending on your schedule and needs. You don’t have to worry or be there while the members of our cleaning team are doing their job, because every employee we hire is well background checked.

Builders Cleaning South East London

after the builders south east LondonRenovation is usually associate with newer and better, but after the builders your expectations might be different from the actual result. You don’t have to worry, because the after builders cleaning we provide in SE London will bring out the best of your new home.
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Builders Cleaning South West London

after the builders south west londonNo matter how much time it will take, our team can handle any type of cleaning. If you have any questions about the services we provide in SW area you can get in touch with us via the contact form on or give us a call.

Builders Cleaning West London

Builders Cleaning West LondonThe services provided in West London by our cleaners include many different chores needed to be done in order to achieve a properly cleaned and renovated property, covering all your requirements.

After Builders Cleaning is a special service that requires time and effort but also professional tools, equipment and a lot of knowledge. Our professionals own just that. We provide them with high quality, professional products and equipment and they have enough experience to know how to deal with the post renovation dirt. Here is a list of all that is covered during the service:

  • Removal of any waste materials
  • Floor cleaning, wiping and scrubbing
  • Deep cleaning of walls and all surfaces
  • Removal of dust from ceilings and high surfaces
  • Deep cleaning of kitchen, bathroom, halls etc.
  • Washing windows and sills
  • Sticker removal
  • Concrete floor cleaning
  • Basement and common area cleaning
  • Metallic surfaces
  • Tile floors and surfaces cleaning
  • Wooden surfaces cleaning and polishing
  • Timber floors cleaning and polishing
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning (including steam cleaning)
  • Pressure washing

It is important to cover all areas of the premises after construction or renovations. The dust that is distributed around the whole house is extremely fine. Even if it is sometimes unnoticeable, it can be extremely dangerous to human health. This is why we offer this service and we only use top quality professional equipment and products. Our cleaning technicians will make sure to cover all areas of your home and remove every last bit of dust or grime left behind the builders. They use industrial vacuum cleaners that are more powerful than domestic ones and can properly remove all dust from all areas. They also use professional air purifiers and dust removers.

This service guarantees that whenever we are done, your home will be thoroughly cleaned, fresh and ready for you to move into straight away.

We offer after builders cleaning in London. We understand your needs and provide top quality cleaning at reasonable and affordable prices. Our professional team of experienced cleaners will be there for you to provide you with the best result, meeting all your expectations.

Feedback From Our Customers

Maya Ross, SW3:
Me and my friends are so happy with your End of Tenancy Cleaning Service. That is great that you provide a 48 hours guarantee for the service.

Lily Ward, N1:
Amazing job, guys. Thank you for your time as your job was great. Everything was cleaned and organized as I have asked. Perfect guys.

Henry Howard, SE5:
Hi, Guys, Thank you for your brilliant service. I am so pleased that I have worked with you and your team did a great job.

Some of the benefits we also provide are:

  • Customer support around the clock. Do not hesitate and give our office agents a call. They will help you place your booking and organise for the best team of technicians to come to your place.
  • Flexible working hours. We work 7 days a week, including all holidays. Do not hesitate to reach out to us. We can send a team over any time. Pick the most convenient time for you and we will be glad to help you out just then.
  • Professional technicians. All our employees are very experienced professionals. They have a special approach to any of the services they perform and aim to achieve the best possible results every time.
  • Eco-friendly and safe professional products and tools. Not only are they included in the price but we are also proud to say that we only use high-quality professional detergents. We avoid harsh chemicals and all products used by our technicians are safe for children and pets and biodegradable.
  • All our prices are reasonably estimated, aiming to provide you with the best quality service without harming your budget too much.

non-toxicscotchgardCall our office now and speak to one of our office agents. They will ask you for details about the job in hand and advise you on which service would benefit you the most. They are able to give you a free quote over the phone, as well as pick and choose a team that will best fit your needs and requirements. Do not hesitate and call us now.

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