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AfterTheBuilders Ltd. is specialised after builders cleaning agency in Battersea, SW11. Get advantage of our special 10% off offer. Call us today and get a free quote!

Everybody who has ever had a cleaning crew at home knows that in most cases the mess the builders create is not something that can be handled in an hour or two. On the contrary – it is a challenging and time – consuming task that requires the usage of powerful cleaning detergents as well. In case you are so fed up with seeing your house in a terrible condition, the best option is hiring a team of professionals who can efficiently deal with any cleaning task. In other words, if you want to move into your renovated house as soon as possible, call the call centre supporters and book an affordable after builders cleaning service that will take place at a convenient to you day and time.

What’s covered in After Builders Cleaning?

To make sure that everything has been well taken care of, we generate personalised task lists which will be followed by the cleaning experts during the procedure. If you want to add more chores or have any requests, please let us know prior to the service. We will add them to your list and ensure that the professionals are fully equipped with everything required for the full completion of the service.


  • Wipe down and disinfect all surfaces throughout the room.
  • Clean and polish the sink and faucets.
  • Clean the interior and exterior of all cabinets and drawers.
  • Wipe down all devices in the kitchen.
  • All surfaces and routinely handled items will be disinfected.


  • Clean and polish bathroom fixtures such as the sink, tub and toilet bowl.
  • Clean and disinfect all bathroom surfaces.
  • Clean the interior as well as the exterior of the bathroom cabinets.
  • Mirrors and other glass surfaces will be cleaned and polished.

Bedrooms and living room

  • Dust furniture – including shelves, table tops, and other surfaces.
  • Window sills, door frames, and skirting boards will all be polished.
  • Vacuum – All of the upholstery and carpets in the room will be properly vacuumed.
  • Items that are often handled (such as light switches and remote controls) will be sterilised.

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    Why do you need Professional After Builders Cleaning?

    Your property will be left dusty, dirty and covered in waste once the building crew has completed their work. The cleaning of all those is a complicated, however,extremely important task. If you neglect it, health issues may occur and seriously prevent you from enjoying your remodelled property. For the successful cleaning, a lot of specialised tools and products, as well as a large amount of skills and knowledge. To ensure the proper removal of all grime and dust, it is best to leave the task to a professional company. Feel free to give us a call if you find yourself in such a situation.

    Professional post-renovation clean up

    We offer a high quality after builders cleaning solution which will help you enjoy your freshly renovated property as soon as possible. We send skilled and experienced cleaning experts which will efficiently get rid of all grime, dust and waste left behind all over your place. They will use professional quality tools and products which we supply them with and work hard to prepare your new home for your arrival. We understand the importance of this task and we guarantee 100% success in the elimination of all germs, waste and irritants that will prevent you from enjoying a fresh property.

    Providing quality services with care

    When booking any of our cleaning services, you may rest assured that we have met all health and safety criteria. We also provide comprehensive insurance for all of our services. To protect our clients’ health, we only use high-quality, non-toxic and chemical-free solutions and approved procedures. Your health will not be jeopardised as a result of the services we provide.

    Additional services we offer

    We put in a lot of effort to be able to entirely meet all of our customers’ demands, and thanks to all of the experience, knowledge, and abilities we have gained over the years, we are now in a position to do so. We broadened our cleaning services and worked hard to make them the high-quality cleaning solutions that they are today. We deal with a wide range of clients, including owners, landlords, property managers, and anyone who can benefit from our services. The high quality of all services is guaranteed.

    What is the price of after construction cleaning?

    We use a unique pricing system in order to be fair and honest with our customers. When booking our post-construction cleaning service, you will be provided with a free quote over the phone. Our office agents will estimate a custom price for you, based on the size and condition of the property and the type of renovations you have had done. No hidden charges will occur and you will know exactly what you are paying for.

    After Builders Cleaning Services Prices

    • After Builders Cleaningfrom £23/h
    • One Bedroom Property£149
    • Two Bedroom Property £169
    • Three Bedroom Property £195

    Feedback From Our Customers

    Thank you for the great cleaning that you performed after the repairs in my home. This was the cleaning that I needed and you are the right company for me.
    – Helen

    Construction work is perhaps the most difficult case in terms of cleaning but your company knows exactly how to do it successfully. Your help means a lot to us. Thank you.
    – Lars

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do you supply the cleaning materials?

      Yes, all the materials and tools are included in the package.

    • Can I book a service for the weekend? Will you charge me more?

      We are available seven days a week and we do not charge more for the weekends!

    • When is the best time to book after builders cleaning?

      We recommend to call us right after the construction work ends. If you book a service before the refurbishment ends we will be unable to clean your place completely.

    • There are lots of dust and dirt, can you clean everything?

      Yes, we will clean your home completely, no matter how dirty it is.

    Clean After Builders SW11, Battersea

    cleaning after the builders Battersea

    The after builders cleaning services can be perfectly implemented by this experienced and motivated cleaning company. To get rid of all the cleaning procedures that you will normally provide on your own when the home improvements are done, this company has an ideal offer you. A team of very organized and disciplined cleaners will come and will clean entirely the premises where the renovations had taken place. For that purpose the company has ensured the latest machinery and cleaning products. The customers who want to learn more about the after builders cleaning service can freely use the call centres provided by the company.

    We also cover:

    After Builders Cleaning Battersea, SW11

    after builders cleaning professionals Battersea

    This is very dedicated and second to none cleaning company that can offer excellent implementation of a wide range of services in Battersea, SW11. The most appropriate one, for dealing with post construction problems is the after builders cleaning. It consists of all the cleaning procedures that are needed for the thorough cleaning of spots and dirt from every origin. In order not to disturb the comfort of the cleaners the company has established really flexible working hours for providing the after builders cleaning. The prices for the after builders cleaning are more than reasonable for the pocket of the customers.