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AfterTheBuilders Ltd. is specialised after builders cleaning agency in Deptford, SE8. Get advantage of our special 10% off offer. Call us today and get a free quote!

Are you looking forward to finish all the home renovation procedures and finally move in? Have you ever thought about the dirt the building crew is going to leave and the time you have to spend in cleaning? Free yourself from that burden by booking a professional after builders cleaning service with a company that has proven itself to be trustworthy and loyal towards the customers. Needless to say, the cleaning supplies applied and the equipment used are the most powerful. The after builders cleaning technicians are experienced enough to know how to deal with any dirty spot – promptly and efficiently.

What’s covered in After Builders Cleaning?

To guarantee that everything is in order, we provide our cleaning professionals with comprehensive task lists that they must adhere to during the job. Please let us know if you have any unique requests or things you believe are important to know so that the crew can arrive prepared. Our office staff will make sure that everything is taken into account that the cleaners are fully prepared for the job at hand.


  • Dusting, polishing and disinfection of all surfaces (counters, shelves, tops of furniture, etc.).
  • Waste removal from all kitchen areas.
  • Appliance cleaning – dusting, wiping down and disinfection.
  • Vacuum cleaning and mopping the entire kitchen floor.
  • Disinfection of commonly touched items and surfaces.


  • Clean and polish bathroom fixtures such as the sink, tub and toilet bowl.
  • Clean and disinfect all bathroom surfaces.
  • Clean the interior as well as the exterior of the bathroom cabinets.
  • Mirrors and other glass surfaces will be cleaned and polished.

Bedrooms and living room

  • Deep surface cleaning and dusting of skirting boards, window and door frames.
  • Glass surface polishing – windows, mirrors, tables and framed pictures.
  • Vacuuming – carpets and upholstery will be thoroughly hoovered.
  • Furniture polishing throughout the room.

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    Why do you need Professional After Builders Cleaning?

    Your property will be left dusty, dirty and covered in waste once the building crew has completed their work. The cleaning of all those is a complicated, however,extremely important task. If you neglect it, health issues may occur and seriously prevent you from enjoying your remodelled property. For the successful cleaning, a lot of specialised tools and products, as well as a large amount of skills and knowledge. To ensure the proper removal of all grime and dust, it is best to leave the task to a professional company. Feel free to give us a call if you find yourself in such a situation.

    Professional post-renovation clean up

    We provide a high-quality after-builder cleaning service that will allow you to enjoy your newly remodelled house straight after your renovations have been completed. We will assign competent and experienced cleaning professionals to the project, who will swiftly remove any filth, dust, and debris that has accumulated throughout your property. They will work hard to prepare your new home for your arrival, using professional grade tools and products supplied by us. We understand the significance of this work and guarantee complete success in the removal of all bacteria, rubbish, and irritants that prohibit you from enjoying a clean property.

    Providing quality services with care

    When booking any of our cleaning services, you may rest assured that we have met all health and safety criteria. We also provide comprehensive insurance for all of our services. To protect our clients’ health, we only use high-quality, non-toxic and chemical-free solutions and approved procedures. Your health will not be jeopardised as a result of the services we provide.

    Additional services we offer

    During our years in the industry, we managed to gain additional skills and knowledge and expand our range of cleaning solutions. Our cleaning professionals have also helped us increase the quality of all services we provide. We offer our help to anyone that needs it and that often includes customers such as landlords, property owners, real estate agents and tenants. We always guarantee maximum efficiency and top quality for all our services.

    What is the price of after construction cleaning?

    Honesty is a top priority for us. This is why we use a special pricing method which allows us to customise the price for each service we offer. We base each price on the size of the property, the type of renovations, and the amount of tasks the customer chose to include. To receive a free custom pricing quote over the phone, all you have to do is give our office agents a call and place a request.

    After Builders Cleaning Services Prices

    • After Builders Cleaningfrom £23/h
    • One Bedroom Property£149
    • Two Bedroom Property £169
    • Three Bedroom Property £195

    Feedback From Our Customers

    Thank you for your amazing after builders cleaning services. Now I can finally enjoy my renovated place and I didn’t even have to wait long to have it all cleaned up perfectly.
    – Jack

    My premises were ideally cleaned and now I do not need to worry about the mess that my repairs leave behind them. I will definitely book again.
    – Steven

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do you supply the cleaning materials?

      Yes, all the materials and tools are included in the package.

    • Can I book a service for the weekend? Will you charge me more?

      We are available seven days a week and we do not charge more for the weekends!

    • When is the best time to book after builders cleaning?

      We recommend to call us right after the construction work ends. If you book a service before the refurbishment ends we will be unable to clean your place completely.

    • There are lots of dust and dirt, can you clean everything?

      Yes, we will clean your home completely, no matter how dirty it is.

    Clean After Builders SE8, Deptford

    cleaning after the builders Deptford

    This is very organized and impeccable cleaning company that can provide one very important cleaning service – after builders cleaning. It is the perfect decision to get rid of the debris and dirt that have appeared after the repairs in your home. For the best cleaning from top to bottom the company relies on the services of very devoted and experienced cleaners. They are all qualified to manage with every post construction cleaning problem. The working schedules are very flexible and are made to suit the customers’ busy working schedules. The after builders cleaning will be performed up to the highest standards.

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    After Builders Cleaning Deptford, SE8

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    The easiest way to get your house cleaned after all the repairs you have made is booking an after builders cleaning service with a trustworthy cleaning company. Don’t miss the best deal in London – book an affordable cleaning procedure and save yourself all the inconveniences. Book as soon as possible and get the chance to get the things done in the blink of an eye. You are probably impatient to move into your renovated house so don’t hesitate. Call an operator now and leave the tedious cleaning to the professionals. The prices are reasonable while compromising with the quality is out of question.