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Getting rid of the dirt after the home renovating procedures is now easier than ever. You don’t have to buy expensive detergents or waste your time in cleaning. Leave everything to the professionals and take the break you deserve after all the efforts you have put in making the property good – looking. Embrace the chance of moving into your property promptly and having it cleaned with the most powerful cleaning supplies, used by experienced and knowledgeable cleaners. They operate seven days a week in Lee, SE12 so feel free to set your cleaning service at a convenient day and time.

What’s covered in After Builders Cleaning?

By booking our cleaning services, you may rest assured that no tasks will be overlooked. We provide precise lists of all duties to our pros. Of course, you are free to make further requests and personalise the list. Inform our office representatives ahead of time so that they can prepare the cleaning crew, provide them with the necessary tools and goods, and ensure that everything is properly completed.


  • Dusting, grime removal and polishing. That involves counters, furniture, etc.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all kitchen appliances.
  • Cabinets and drawers will be wiped down and polished inside and out.
  • All commonly handled items will be thoroughly disinfected.
  • The floor of the kitchen will be thoroughly cleaned and mopped.


  • Bathtubs, sinks, toilet bowls, and other fixtures will be washed and polished.
  • Polish and clean any mirrors, windows, and other glass surfaces.
  • Cabinets and shelves will be properly cleaned and wiped down.
  • Clean the entire bathroom floor with a vacuum cleaner.

Bedrooms and living room

  • Clean furniture – shelves, table tops and various surfaces will be dusted.
  • Window sills, door frames and skirting boards will be polished.
  • Vacuum – upholstery and carpets throughout the room will be thoroughly vacuum cleaned.
  • Commonly touched items (light switches and remote controls) will be disinfected.

Why do you need Professional After Builders Cleaning?

Whenever your home undergoes renovations or any type of construction in general, a large amount of waste and debris is usually left behind by the building crew. This can become troublesome since the fine dust and waste can trigger health issues and irritations. This type of cleaning is best handled by professionals. First because you will probably be way too busy with the rest of the renovation process but also because for the proper and complete removal of all the debris, knowledge and skills are required, as well as a lot of specialised tools and products. If you are in such a situation, give us a call.

Professional post-renovation clean up

To ensure the proper removal of all the dust, grime and waste left behind by the building crew, high quality special tools and products will be required. While those are hard to find and also call for knowledge, they may also be expensive. Lucky for you, our professional cleaning technicians are experienced and knowledgeable and will arrive fully equipped with skills and materials which they will use during the process. If you need help with this type of cleaning, give us a call and schedule an appointment with one of our booking agents. You will receive high quality results in no time.

Providing quality services with care

When it comes to major cleaning projects, a lot of chemicals azre usually involved, however, those may not always be safe for human health. We solely use products and methods that are non-toxic and biodegradable. Our company is licensed and insured, and we work according to all health and safety legislations. We will do our best to achieve high quality results without risking your health and the health of your loved ones.

Additional services we offer

To stay up with today’s latest cleaning demands, we work tirelessly to continually enhance all of our cleaning services. We deal with a wide range of clients, including property owners, landlords, renters, and real estate companies. We managed to find a way to operate effectively while meeting everyone’s demands. Our cleaning experts are efficient, competent, and provide a wide range of services to meet all personal requests placed by our clients.

What is the price of after construction cleaning?

We use a unique pricing system in order to be fair and honest with our customers. When booking our post-construction cleaning service, you will be provided with a free quote over the phone. Our office agents will estimate a custom price for you, based on the size and condition of the property and the type of renovations you have had done. No hidden charges will occur and you will know exactly what you are paying for.

After Builders Cleaning Services Prices

  • After Builders Cleaningfrom £23/h
  • One Bedroom Property£149
  • Two Bedroom Property £169
  • Three Bedroom Property £195

Feedback From Our Customers

Completing a building process without your cleaning company’s help wouldn’t be the same. Your after builders cleaning services are the best way to put a perfect end to the construction work.
– Jonathan

I am very impressed with your after builders cleaning. All the debris and dirt were perfectly cleaned and everything happened so quickly.
– Jamie

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you supply the cleaning materials?

    Yes, all the materials and tools are included in the package.

  • Can I book a service for the weekend? Will you charge me more?

    We are available seven days a week and we do not charge more for the weekends!

  • When is the best time to book after builders cleaning?

    We recommend to call us right after the construction work ends. If you book a service before the refurbishment ends we will be unable to clean your place completely.

  • There are lots of dust and dirt, can you clean everything?

    Yes, we will clean your home completely, no matter how dirty it is.

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Book a professional cleaning service and free yourself from the tedious responsibility called after builders cleaning. The team of cleaning experts, sent to your premises will be experienced enough to deal with the great mess your builders have left. And the best of all is that the after builders cleaning package goes hand in hand with a number of benefits – low prices, appealing discounts, friendly customer service and last but not least you don’t have to worry about detergents and equipment. It has never been easier to get your house cleaned and move in as soon as possible.

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After Builders Cleaning Lee, SE12

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If you have just done the renovations in your home and you desperately need effective cleaning you can turn to this excellent cleaning company that can provide the best after builders cleaning for you. The cleaning services that will be provided are of a first class quality and are performed in a thoroughly professional way. To handle with all the mess that need to be cleaned you can completely count on the services of this prestigious company. The cleaners will come equipped with all the industrial machines and products for performing all the suitable procedures for the best after builders cleaning.