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After The Builders provides professional after builders cleaning services in North London for your home and office at the most competitive price in your local area.

When you reconstruct, renovate or remodel your home quite often is the case that a lot of dust accumulates and a lot of residue is left behind after the end of the working process. The contents of this residue may vary from dust, through pieces of wall, to any other building components. Given that of is the case that there is cement amongst the aforementioned components – cleaning up afterwards may require a bit more caution than just mopping up the floor with some water and such, because certain elements may create even a bigger mess or just leave permanent stains here and there.

Hence the so called “After Builders Cleaning” could be a bit of a harder task than you might have imagined and if you would like to not risk leaving permanent stains, or simply do not wish engage yourself if you do not have the time to deal with it – our services in North London might come useful to your situation.

What we have to offer is a team consisting of highly trained professionals with years of service in the line of house cleaning services. Our employees go through highly efficient training before they “play the field” in order to provide only the best and most efficient results in our services.

We Cover The Following North London Areas:

Clean After Builders Canonbury
After Building Clean Stoke Newington
After Builders Cleaning Muswell Hill
After Building Clean Dalston
Clean After Builders Hoxton
Clean After Builders Harringay
After Builders Cleaning Southgate
After Builders Cleaning Holloway
After Builders Cleaning Finchley

Everything from the insides of windows, window frames and sills to walls, corners, floors and etc. will be taken care of by our professionals. Hand in hand with the “After Builders Cleaning” service goes the “Deep Cleaning” service. Every piece of furniture is moved out of the house and it is cleaned spotless. If you are interested in such a service you might also be interested in out “Upholstery Cleaning” service, which tends to your soft furniture and restores it to its’ authentic condition.

non-toxicscotchgardNo matter the task our professional employees will come equipped with all the products and machinery that is needed in order to carry out the process accordingly. Our services come quite affordable so you need not worry about your budget. You can give the cleaning team special instructions if you want something done in particular.

Feedback From Our Customers

Kayleigh Forster says:
This is the best cleaning I have ever had in my property. You managed to get me rid of the grease and grime and even the bad smell. I am utterly and sincerely grateful.

Maisie Bruce says:
Dear friends, I may cal you so, you have taken so good care of my property, you handled everything with care and cleaned it spotlessly, that you will be my friends from now on and I will call you any time I need a cleaning.

Edward Wilkins says:
Many thanks to you and your professional team. They cleaned my property when I was abroad and I could not believe it was really my property when I came back. It was really a very pleasant surprise.

About North London

HornseyAny details of our services in North London, price ranges and everything else you may find on by going on-line and visiting our website, or by simply contacting our customer service phone lines.

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