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AfterTheBuilders Ltd. is specialised after builders cleaning agency in Tulse Hill, SW2. Get advantage of our special 10% off offer. Call us today and get a free quote!

This is a respected and developing company that offers the very useful after builders cleaning. The cleaners that have been employed can manage with the thorough cleaning of your home, after the repairs that have been made. They are able to clean all the mess and they will come equipped with very modern instruments and detergents. The price for the after builders cleaning is more than moderate so every customer that has an urgent need to book this service can afford this right now. The home premises will become sparkling clean after the decorations, thanks to the after builders cleaning service.

What’s covered in After Builders Cleaning?

When a cleaning team arrives at your property, they will be supplied with thorough task lists that will include all chores that should be included in the service. We can customise your tasklist so if you would like to place personal requests or ask for additional tasks – we will include those in your task list and ensure that the cleaning specialists arrive prepared for everything.


  • Cleaning of all surfaces – removal of dust and grime.
  • Wiping down and disinfection of kitchen appliances.
  • Furniture tops, cabinets and drawers will be cleaned.
  • The sink and its faucets will be scrubbed and disinfected.
  • Vacuum cleaning and mopping of the floor.


  • Dust and grime removal from all bathroom surfaces and fixtures.
  • Glass surface and mirrors cleaning and polishing.
  • Cabinets and cupboards will be thoroughly cleaned inside and out.
  • Vacuum and mop the floor of your bathroom.

Bedrooms and living room

  • Dust removal – door frames, tops of furniture and skirting boards will be wiped down and cleaned.
  • Vacuum cleaning of the carpets and upholstery.
  • Decorations, shelves, mirrors and photographs will be polished.
  • Disinfection – commonly handled objects will be sanitised.

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    Why do you need Professional After Builders Cleaning?

    While renovations are of crucial importance for a well maintained and healthy home, they come along with a lot of work. Not only moving stuff around and organising the project but also cleaning after everything is completed. You may struggle with this task since it holds different challenges that include skill, knowledge and material requirements. Our company is one of the best on the London market and our teams specialise in post- construction cleaning. We work with experienced technicians that are familiar with all standards and regulations in the area. The amazing quality of our work is guaranteed.

    Professional post-renovation clean up

    We provide high-quality cleaning services that are always carried out by competent and experienced cleaning technicians. We provide them with professional quality equipment and materials that they will use to remove any evidence of debris and dirt that may be causing irritations to you and your loved ones. Our cleaning professionals will know exactly how to tackle any issues that may be present at your home in the best way possible. You will be able to move right back in and organise your belongings without spending a lot of time on the cleaning task. We ensure that the cleaning services we offer will be of top quality.

    Providing quality services with care

    We want to inform you that we have covered all requirements when it comes to health and safety. We also offer complete insurance for all services we offer. In order to keep our customers health safe, we only utilise high quality, free of toxic chemicals, biodegradable tools and licensed methods. Your health will not be put in jeopardy during the service you receive from us.

    Additional services we offer

    During our years in the industry, we managed to gain additional skills and knowledge and expand our range of cleaning solutions. Our cleaning professionals have also helped us increase the quality of all services we provide. We offer our help to anyone that needs it and that often includes customers such as landlords, property owners, real estate agents and tenants. We always guarantee maximum efficiency and top quality for all our services.

    What is the price of after construction cleaning?

    We offer custom prices for all our customers, in order to have maximum transparency. When booking a cleaning service with our company, you will only be charged for the individual tasks that will take place as part of the service. The size of your property will also be a factor in the final price estimation. Our office representatives will estimate the cost and provide you with a free quote over the phone.

    After Builders Cleaning Services Prices

    • After Builders Cleaningfrom £23/h
    • One Bedroom Property£149
    • Two Bedroom Property £169
    • Three Bedroom Property £195

    Feedback From Our Customers

    I wouldn’t be able to clean my whole place after the construction work that was done there. I am grateful that you came and cleaned everything so professionally and perfectly.
    – Chad

    If I had the time and equipment to clean my place after the renovation process, I would have still chosen your company’s after builders cleaning services. You work is incomparable.
    – Matilda

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do you supply the cleaning materials?

      Yes, all the materials and tools are included in the package.

    • Can I book a service for the weekend? Will you charge me more?

      We are available seven days a week and we do not charge more for the weekends!

    • When is the best time to book after builders cleaning?

      We recommend to call us right after the construction work ends. If you book a service before the refurbishment ends we will be unable to clean your place completely.

    • There are lots of dust and dirt, can you clean everything?

      Yes, we will clean your home completely, no matter how dirty it is.

    Clean After Builders SW2, Tulse Hill

    cleaning after the builders Tulse Hill

    This is one very respected and prestigious cleaning company that can offer a second to none implementation of a great diversity of cleaning services including after builders cleaning. The service is available in Tulse Hill, SW2 and it is performed by a team of very dedicated cleaners who can reach perfection in every cleaning situation. All of the cleaners have been preliminary trained and they can come to perform the after builders cleaning both during the week or even at the weekends. If there are any additional questions the customers can use the call centres for learning more about the conditions of the service.

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    After Builders Cleaning Tulse Hill, SW2

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    Do you want to make your home as clean as if it has never undergone a home improvement procedure? Every house owner knows how difficult it is to remove all the dirt the building crew usually leaves. It seems like the thick film of dust, covering the floor and the walls is here to stay. However, there is a proven method for its efficient removal and it is called a professional after builders cleaning service, delivered by a team of experienced and motivated cleaning technicians. They will take care of every dirty spot so you can start moving into your renovated home as soon as the cleaning procedure is carried out.