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Decorating Services Maida Vale

Decorating Services Maida Vale

Painting and decorating can be tough tasks. AfterTheBuilders Ltd. is a company specialised in any kind of decorating services in Maida Vale, W9. Call us now!

No matter if you are moving into a new home or you just want to refresh your old place, you can always book our decorating services. They are appropriate for all sorts of residential properties and all tastes.

We live in London. Currently we serve the area of Maida Vale, W9. We are confident that we can help you redecorate your place and will give you the kind of service you’ve been dreaming of. It is just a phone call away, so if you are sure that this is what you need, you can contact us straight away. We’ll respond to your request promptly.

Decorating Services Prices

  • Painting and Wallpapering£120/half-day
  • Painting and Wallpapering£200/day
  • Plastering and Tiling£120/half-day
  • Plastering and Tiling£200/day

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    I am super glad I ordered your decorating services. You took care of everything for me and all I had to do was enjoy the great results. Thanks.
    – Bryan

    My house needed repainting in most of the rooms. I decided to use your decorating services and after reserving them, your decorators did great work. I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends.
    – Charlie

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do you offer free estimate for the decorating services?

      Yes, for the simple works we can quote over the phone. If you need more complicated work to be done we will come to your place and give you a free quote.

    • Can I choose the type of paint before the decorating starts?

      Sure, you can choose from vast variety of colours and paint types to match your demands.

    • I need exterior painting. Can you do that?

      Yes, we provide professional interior and exterior painting services.

    • Are your decorators experienced enough?

      Absolutely, our decorators are professionals with years of experience in the field.

    Qualified Decorators W9, Maida Vale

    Painting and Decorating Maida Vale

    If you want to breathe new life into your house or apartment, you can do some repainting. Instead of doing it yourself, however, you can hire our company. We offer professional decorating services in Maida Vale, W9. This means that we can do all the hard work for you while you focus on your everyday activities. After all, you can’t just abandon your life because you have to redecorate your home. This is our job so leave it to us. We are open every day, we work during weekends and bank holidays too. Make sure you find us. You will benefit from our service.

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    We are a large and very reputable company from Maida Vale, W9 which supplies the people with various types of useful services for the home, among which are also the decorating procedures. Those services are perfect for anyone who want to make his home look renewed or completely changed through the power of the painting. Our specialists can perform a quick freshening up of the paint or a thoroughly change of the colour of your home really quickly. The choice will be entirely yours and you can be certain that our employees will do everything just the way you want. Give us a call.