Electrical Installations Battersea

Electrical Installation Battersea

AfterTheBuilders Ltd. is available 7 days a week to take care of your electrical installations in Battersea, SW11. Call now and get a free quotation!

The electrical installations are usually neglected until a serious problem arises and the help of a professional electrician is needed. Don’t let that happen to you, especially if you own a hotel or a restaurant, visited by many people every day. Arrange our team of professional electricians to maintain the installation in a proper condition. They will do the fault finding and safety testing procedures on regular basis in order to make sure there is nothing you have to worry about. We work seven days a week and we cover the Battersea, SW11. Our flexibility gives you the freedom to adjust the service in accordance with your busy timetable.

Electrical Services Prices

  • Electrical Installations£70/h
  • Lighting Repair£70/h
  • Fault Finding£70/h
  • Safety Testing£70/h

The electrical installations you performed in my house were outstanding. You managed to fix all the problems I had right on time and I am truly grateful to all of your excellent electricians.
– Charles

For all types of electrical installations I choose your outstanding services because you always respond quickly, even at the weekends which appeals to me a lot.
– Deborah

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I test the electrical installation of my home?

    It is recommended to make a safety testing every five years.

  • I'm a small business owner, should I test my appliances?

    It is legal requirement to all businesses to test their appliances.

  • Can I check the electrical installations by myself?

    No, you should call registered electrician.

  • Are your electricians registered?

    Yes, all our electricians are registered and certified.

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Electrical Safety Testing Battersea

We are a company that is currently occupied with offering different electrical installations for its customers and are happy to inform you that we have hired a team of professional electricians that will take up with the change or the repair of the installations in the fastest possible way. Thanks to our professionalism and commitment we are convinced that we can help you with any problem that appears. Our services are currently available in Battersea, SW11 and we will come with the most appropriate instruments for solving all problems with your electrical installations. Choose us and you will enjoy the best final results.

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Our electrical installations are done by our qualified and trustworthy electricians, who can make your installations and test your devices and appliances for safely functioning. They include installation of all types of lighting, alarms systems, voice, audio and video intercoms, CCTV systems, sockets and switches, extractor fans, audio, video and voice intercoms and other electrical appliances. Order our electrical installations and you will have your appliances working properly and safely in accordance with your manufacturer’s recommendations. Our electrical installations are provided in Battersea, SW11 every day of the week, after reserving them. Order any of them and see how fast and qualitatively they are done.