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Electrical Installations Hampstead Heath

Electrical Installation Hampstead Heath

AfterTheBuilders Ltd. is available 7 days a week to take care of your electrical installations in Hampstead Heath, N6. Call now and get a free quotation!

We are proud to offer you external and internal lighting installations for your home, thanks to the services provided by our company in Hampstead Heath, N6. We are serious, organized and we offer a great diversity of electrical installations, excellently done by our team of electricians. They have been trained in the best way and they know exactly how to manage in difficult situations that may appear. We assure you that we will work in a safe way and that we won’t damage the condition of your electrical installations. For more detailed information you can contact our call centres where our staff will explain everything in details.

Electrical Services Prices

  • Electrical Installations£70/h
  • Lighting Repair£70/h
  • Fault Finding£70/h
  • Safety Testing£70/h

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    I have never imagined it would be so unpleasant to have an electrical breakdown. You can’t take a shower or cook, all the food in the fridge gets inedible… Thanks for coming so soon after my request.
    – Mary

    Having my electrical installations fixed from your workers was the best decision. You are more than reliable and responsible company, I will book again.
    – Rebecca

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How often should I test the electrical installation of my home?

      It is recommended to make a safety testing every five years.

    • I'm a small business owner, should I test my appliances?

      It is legal requirement to all businesses to test their appliances.

    • Can I check the electrical installations by myself?

      No, you should call registered electrician.

    • Are your electricians registered?

      Yes, all our electricians are registered and certified.

    Electricians N6, Hampstead Heath

    Electrical Safety Testing Hampstead Heath

    Ceiling and wall lights can make a nice improvement in a home. To complete the task successfully, the professional skills of an electrician are needed. Our company offers many types of electrical installations and can guarantee perfect results. We are situated in Hampstead Heath, N6, where we have been operating for years. Our team of certified electricians can deal with the task in a secure and effective way. Allow us to take care of your place and do the electrical work you require. Our services are available any day of the week, including weekends and holidays. Call us now to make a suitable appointment.

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    Tired of facing the same electrical problem every month? The company that you hired the last time didn’t do well? Then join ours. It’s affordable, reliable and professional. We will fix every problem in no time and we won’t ask for much.

    We cover the region of Hampstead Heath, N6 but there are a few other areas that we would gladly serve, should you need our help. Just call us on the phone to acquire more information about our service.

    We will be happy to hear from you, so don’t keep us waiting. Be sure to get in touch with us now.