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Electrical Installations Hampstead

Electrical Installation Hampstead

AfterTheBuilders Ltd. is available 7 days a week to take care of your electrical installations in Hampstead, NW3. Call now and get a free quotation!

Our electrical services include a number of different electrical installations in your home or commercial property. If you need safe and professionally done installation of any electrical appliance or device, use our services. They include installation of all kinds of interior and exterior lighting and lights, structured wiring systems, CCTV systems, different alarm systems, voice, audio and video intercoms, new sockets and switches, kitchen and bathroom extractor fans and air conditioners. You can have your new electrical appliances installed properly and checked for working so you can use them safely. You can find us in

Hampstead, NW3, where our company is located.

Electrical Services Prices

  • Electrical Installations£70/h
  • Lighting Repair£70/h
  • Fault Finding£70/h
  • Safety Testing£70/h

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    The services that you provided for me really fixed my electrical installations and now I do not need to worry about these problems any more.
    – Natasha

    I love spending the warm summer evenings in the garden and now I had my lighting installed. You did a terrific job and followed my directions.
    – Rebecca

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How often should I test the electrical installation of my home?

      It is recommended to make a safety testing every five years.

    • I'm a small business owner, should I test my appliances?

      It is legal requirement to all businesses to test their appliances.

    • Can I check the electrical installations by myself?

      No, you should call registered electrician.

    • Are your electricians registered?

      Yes, all our electricians are registered and certified.

    Electricians NW3, Hampstead

    Electrical Safety Testing Hampstead

    If you ever need electrical services in Hampstead, NW3, remember that our company is always at your disposal. We work methodically and safely on every project and are very careful and precise. We can help you with electrical installations such as adding lights, rewiring houses, installing alarm systems, etc. Anything that comes to mind can be done by our professional electricians. We’re not a regular company, we are professionals, thus we have every certificate and expertise needed.

    If you’re interested in the services we offer, please, be sure to get in touch with us. Our teams of experts are waiting for you.

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    Electrical Services Hampstead, NW3

    Electrician Hampstead

    The electrical services we provide include a number of electrical installations for your house, flat, office or commercial property. If you need safe and qualitative installation of your lighting, alarm and CCTV systems, structured wiring systems, new switches and sockets, extractor fans, air conditioners, voice, audio and video intercoms, ceiling and wall lights, call us and reserve them. Our electricians will look after the proper installation and functioning of your electrical devices. They will explain how to use and maintain them in a good condition. Our electrical installations are provided on very accessible prices. They are on your disposal in Hampstead, NW3 any time you need them.