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Electrical Installations Hornsey

Electrical Installation Hornsey

AfterTheBuilders Ltd. is available 7 days a week to take care of your electrical installations in Hornsey, N8. Call now and get a free quotation!

Our electrical installations include a wide variety of electrical appliances, devices, security and surveillance systems installed and functioning properly. You can order installing of your structured wiring systems, all kinds of alarm systems and lighting, CCTV systems, voice, audio and video intercoms, bathroom and kitchen extractor fans, new switches and sockets and many other electrical devices. Call us ordering your installation and we will take care of it. Our company’s office is situated in Hornsey, N8. Use our services whenever you need professional electrical installations and you we can guarantee you won’ t be disappointed. On our contact numbers you can receive more information concerning the electrical installations we provide.

Electrical Services Prices

  • Electrical Installations£70/h
  • Lighting Repair£70/h
  • Fault Finding£70/h
  • Safety Testing£70/h

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    Booking the service from you was an ideal decision for changing my electrical installations in a professional way, and I am glad that I chose you.
    – Jamie

    Having my electrical installations fixed from your workers was the best decision. You are more than reliable and responsible company, I will book again.
    – Rebecca

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How often should I test the electrical installation of my home?

      It is recommended to make a safety testing every five years.

    • I'm a small business owner, should I test my appliances?

      It is legal requirement to all businesses to test their appliances.

    • Can I check the electrical installations by myself?

      No, you should call registered electrician.

    • Are your electricians registered?

      Yes, all our electricians are registered and certified.

    Electricians N8, Hornsey

    Electrical Safety Testing Hornsey

    It is too bad that the electrical installations are not paid the attention they require until a serious problem causes a breakdown. Things get even worse if you are an owner of a hotel or a restaurant visited by a lot of people every day. The lack of electricity at home can cause a lot of inconveniences as well. If you want to avoid all the troubles, call us now and we will help you. What we offer is a professional electrical service for the area of Hornsey, N8 that includes lighting installation, alarm and fire systems installation, repairing and replacement of damaged parts.

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    You are an owner of a property, visited by hundreds of people every day or you want your small store protected against shoplifters, taking advantage of our CCTV electrical installations procedure is recommended. We are available in the area of Hornsey, N8 every day and our professional electricians are capable of handling and fixing various issues that may occur and install your interior or exterior lighting in an efficient and proactive manner. You don’t have to make any efforts apart from contacting our representatives and arranging a team of electricians for your project. They are available every day for your convenience.