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Handyman Earlsfield

AfterTheBuilders Ltd. offers full range of handyman services in Earlsfield, SW18. We can handle all types of tasks from simple odd jobs to complicated assembly jobs. Give us a call today!

Even the smallest issues around the household can be really unpleasant, some of them are even boosting your bills so don’t wait and get them fixed by our skilful technicians. What we offer is a wide variety of handyman services designed to fit your limited budget. Our employees are now available in the area of Earlsfield, SW18 every day because your emergency is our emergency – the urgent installation of a new locker, the leaking faucet in the kitchen or the broken oven require proper attention even if it is a holiday or weekend. Feel free to call us at any time.

Rubbish Removal Prices

  • Odd Jobs£38/h
  • Furniture Assembly£38/h
  • Fit Blinds and Curtains£38/h
  • Repair Bath Fan£38/h

Even though I called late in the evening, my request was processed and a team of two handymen was sent to my house early the next morning. The job was done in no time. I’m impressed with your company!
– Sarah

Choosing you for the handymen services for my home maintenance really facilitated my busy working schedule and I want to thank you for that.
– Stewart

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your handymen fully equipped?

    Yes, our handymen are equipped with wide range of tools and they can handle any task.

  • Can you deal with gas or electrical works?

    Our handyman can do small replacement tasks, but if you need electrician or gas safety engineer we can provide them too.

  • Can you come for a small job such as light switch replacement?

    Yes, there is no job too small for us.

  • Can you give me a free estimate over the phone?

    Sure, for the most common work we can give free quotes over the phone. For bigger projects we must come at your place to give you an estimate.

Professional Handymen SW18, Earlsfield

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Our handyman services are always here to help you put everything in your house in working order. You and your family can rest assured every faucet and socket work properly. Don’t waste time trying to fix the problems yourself. Instead focus on the stuff you like doing. We’ll handle all the tasks, leaving you nothing else to worry about.

Our company is headquartered in Earlsfield, SW18 and expecting new clients. We can assure you your problems will be fixed in an expedite and professional way. To make an appointment with us, please, get the phone and call our number. Book a service.

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Handyman Services Earlsfield

Do you know where exactly in Earlsfield, SW18 you can find reliable handyman services? If you are new in town and are not familiar with the agencies here, go for our company. Many people know us. This is because we have been providing our services for a long time and people know that if they choose our company, they’ll receive high-quality workmanship.

We are loyal, persistent and responsible. We have all the necessary certificates and competences. We will be very happy if you give us a call. Dial our number to get more information about us or to make an appointment.