Patio Cleaning Kentish Town

Patio Cleaner Kentish Town

AfterTheBuilders Ltd. is among the top providers of patio cleaning services in Kentish Town, NW5. Give us a call today to get a free non-obligatory quote!

Dirty patios are not only bad-looking, they can also be dangerous if algae builds up on them. Usually the problem gets worse during winter. We have a solution for you. Come book a patio cleaning service at our company and your patios will be safe and clean every day.

We are operated in London. We’ve served the area of Kentish Town, NW5 for many years, the most precious time for us. During this time we improved ourselves and developed new cleaning programs to fit every clients’ needs. We can assure you that after cleaning your patio it will be neat and good-looking for months to come. Contact us.

Jet Washing Services Prices

  • Driveway & Block Paving Cleaning£2.5/m2
  • Patio & Decking Cleaning£2.5/m2

I was absolutely impressed with the way these cleaners disinfected my entire patio. Now I can use it without worrying about any germs, bacteria or grime. You should definitely try them, too.
– Brian

Until a couple of days ago, I used to clean my patio with the hose. I really thought that was enough until you cleaned it for me professionally. Definitely like your work a lot more.
– Jake

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is your service suitable for cleaning wooden patios?

    Yes, our pressure washing service is suitable for cleaning all hard surfaces.

  • There is moss between the blocks on my patio, can you remove that?

    Yes, all the moss between the blocks and cracks will be removed.

  • Can you restore the original colour of my stone patio?

    Yes, after the cleaning the original colour of the stone will be restored.

  • Should I be at home during the cleaning?

    Your presence is not necessary, all we need is access to the premises.

Wooden Patio Cleaning NW5, Kentish Town

Patio Cleaning Kentish Town

You can have the best patio cleaning you have had if you use our services. We provide very qualitative and professional cleaning of patios through our powerful jet washing machines. Without aggressive chemicals they extract the stains, grime, mould, moss, algae and lichens, gathered on your stone, brick or other patio tiles. Your garden and the entrance of your home will be looking fantastic if you use our patio cleaning services. They will save you plenty of hours cleaning work and the results will be a lot better than you can achieve on your own. Our company is situated in Kentish Town, NW5.

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Looking for patio cleaning services? It is not difficult to find an agency that offers this kind of services. What’s difficult is to find the best one. It may sound like showing off, but our cleaning company is a pro at patio cleaning. We make sure we remove all sorts of dirt that usually build upon hard surfaces outside. Rain fall, algae, fall of leaves and some dirt can make your patios quite slippery and dangerous for you and your family. Let us take care of them the way we can. We are positioned in Kentish Town, NW5. For more details about our service, be sure to call us.