Patio Cleaning Nunhead

Patio Cleaner Nunhead

AfterTheBuilders Ltd. is among the top providers of patio cleaning services in Nunhead, SE15. Give us a call today to get a free non-obligatory quote!

We are motivated cleaning experts who are not afraid to work as hard as it is necessary to provide you with a great looking patio. This area is the first part of your home that all of your visitors see, so its appearance should not be underestimated. In order to make the patio of your house better looking than ever, you can turn to our company in Nunhead, SE15. We have been a supplier of such and many other cleaning procedures for all parts of the capital London and we will be more than happy to give to your home the patio it deserves.

Jet Washing Services Prices

  • Driveway & Block Paving Cleaning£2.5/m2
  • Patio & Decking Cleaning£2.5/m2

Having my patio cleaned professionally makes me want to gather friends there more often and have a good time on the patio. Not only you are excellent at your work but you inspire me as well.
– Ashton

If I ever need patio cleaning again, I’ll definitely choose your company. Words fail me to describe how content I am that it was you that cleaned my patio. Thank you!
– Erika

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is your service suitable for cleaning wooden patios?

    Yes, our pressure washing service is suitable for cleaning all hard surfaces.

  • There is moss between the blocks on my patio, can you remove that?

    Yes, all the moss between the blocks and cracks will be removed.

  • Can you restore the original colour of my stone patio?

    Yes, after the cleaning the original colour of the stone will be restored.

  • Should I be at home during the cleaning?

    Your presence is not necessary, all we need is access to the premises.

Wooden Patio Cleaning SE15, Nunhead

Patio Cleaning Nunhead

If you want to order professional patio cleaning you can choose the services of our impeccable company that can offer the most modern pressure washing technologies used by our committed cleaners. Our services are available in Nunhead, SE15 and you can book your patio cleaning even at the weekends if you are too busy to do this during the week. We can clean your patios in a fast way and we guarantee that we won’t damage them in any way. We are able to give you useful advice in how to maintain you patios after our cleaning.

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Decking Cleaning Nunhead

To feel the perfection of perfectly looking patio, you can contact our company that has a lot of experience in providing professional patio cleaning for your home. We promise not to damage any of your patio furniture while we work and we can guarantee that we are very organized an strict in the working process. We have included all of the cleaning equipment in the price and if you want an immediate patio cleaning you can easily find us in Nunhead, SE15. Whatever the problem is, we guarantee that we can find easy solution to it.