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Patio Cleaning Paddington

Patio Cleaner Paddington

AfterTheBuilders Ltd. is among the top providers of patio cleaning services in Paddington, W2. Give us a call today to get a free non-obligatory quote!

If you wish to have a completely clean and presentable patio which would only enhance the beauty of your home, our company can deliver its competent patio cleaning services to your property after you call us in Paddington, W2. We are a sanitizing company which provides to all citizens of London efficient and beneficial treatments which can be applied to your inner domestic environment, as well as to the one that is outside. The patio falls into the category of the second one and because of that it can become more polluted than any other place in your home. If you book our advanced patio cleaning services, however, every centimetre of your place will be supplied with long-lasting disinfection.

Jet Washing Services Prices

  • Driveway & Block Paving Cleaning£2.5/m2
  • Patio & Decking Cleaning£2.5/m2

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    This is the agency that I call every time I need an efficient patio cleaning. The cleaners are always very polite to me and they know what my yard needs most to look its best.
    – Mark

    I’ve never been that strict about cleaning my patio but now that I know how great is looks when cleaned professionally, I won’t ever allow myself to neglect it again.
    – Bruce

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is your service suitable for cleaning wooden patios?

      Yes, our pressure washing service is suitable for cleaning all hard surfaces.

    • There is moss between the blocks on my patio, can you remove that?

      Yes, all the moss between the blocks and cracks will be removed.

    • Can you restore the original colour of my stone patio?

      Yes, after the cleaning the original colour of the stone will be restored.

    • Should I be at home during the cleaning?

      Your presence is not necessary, all we need is access to the premises.

    Wooden Patio Cleaning W2, Paddington

    Patio Cleaning Paddington

    If you need help with patio cleaning, our company is here for you. How do we manage to achieve amazing results? Our specialised high-pressure machines help loosen dirt. By moving them back and forth over the ground we can remove tons of dirt that have embedded into the surface. We also remove weeds. There are a couple of ways to do it. The quickest is to remove them by hands. Alternatively, we may use special solutions that kill weeds. We make sure we don’t use harsh chemicals while cleaning.

    Our headquarters are in Paddington, W2. If you have any questions, don’t forget to call us.

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    Hello! You are in the right place if you are looking for professional patio cleaning services. Our company is here to give you what you need. We offer amazing quality and the truth is our pricing is worthy. We are confident that we can meet all your expectations and even make you come back over and over.

    Our agency works within Paddington, W2. This is the area that we serve, so if your house is positioned here, give us a call. We will schedule a date that suits you best. Our technicians will be at your door sooner than you expected. Make sure you call us.