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Patio Cleaning South Kensington

Patio Cleaner South Kensington

AfterTheBuilders Ltd. is among the top providers of patio cleaning services in South Kensington, SW7. Give us a call today to get a free non-obligatory quote!

Do you think you can clean your patio better than a professional? We doubt it. Call us and see how great your patio can look and how quickly we can bring its original look back.

Our professional cleaning company is a leader in the business and has been pleasing customers in South Kensington, SW7 for many years. Our patio cleaning services are available at low prices that don’t affect the budget. Amazing results are guaranteed for the fact that our cleaners are experienced and skilful and our equipment is professional. We use natural detergents that are safe for your health and the environment.

Jet Washing Services Prices

  • Driveway & Block Paving Cleaning£2.5/m2
  • Patio & Decking Cleaning£2.5/m2

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    The patio of our house is a special place for our family. We have spent a lot of great moments there and we wanted to keep it a safe area, for which helped us your great patio cleaning treatments.
    – Carla

    My patio looks fantastic clean and I am glad that I chose your impeccable company for providing of my patio cleaning
    – Drake

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is your service suitable for cleaning wooden patios?

      Yes, our pressure washing service is suitable for cleaning all hard surfaces.

    • There is moss between the blocks on my patio, can you remove that?

      Yes, all the moss between the blocks and cracks will be removed.

    • Can you restore the original colour of my stone patio?

      Yes, after the cleaning the original colour of the stone will be restored.

    • Should I be at home during the cleaning?

      Your presence is not necessary, all we need is access to the premises.

    Wooden Patio Cleaning SW7, South Kensington

    Patio Cleaning South Kensington

    Leaving your patio unattended might have worst consequences than you think. Except the various dirt and germs that will cover the surfaces of your paving tiles, there might also appear weed and some other unwanted intruders which could invade your home at some point. The patio cleaning services which our licensed company from South Kensington, SW7 provides are the best solution for problems like these. They are created to tackle all unpleasant factors which have a bad influence on the good looks of your patio. Don’t miss the chance to try them now and improve the whole appearance of your property today.

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    To receive really professional patio cleaning we are inviting you to take advantage of our impeccable services and to become part of our friendly team in South Kensington, SW7, who will take care of all the problems connected with your patios. If you simply cannot handle with all the cleaning procedures that you should provide on regular basis, we will be more than happy to help you with this activity. We use special power washing approaches that will remove the dirt and stains from your patio in a fast way. If you feel insecure and want to learn more about our patio cleaning, do not hesitate to use our call centres.