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Patio Cleaning Tulse Hill

Patio Cleaner Tulse Hill

AfterTheBuilders Ltd. is among the top providers of patio cleaning services in Tulse Hill, SW2. Give us a call today to get a free non-obligatory quote!

We want to introduce you our special patio cleaning that will definitely change the poor appearance of your patio. Our company is located in Tulse Hill, SW2 and we can perform this service at any time that would be convenient for you – during the week or at the weekends. If you cannot find the right time to devote on cleaning procedures we will be happy to help you and to have our contribution in the patio cleaning. The atmosphere in your home will become very cosy and pleasant and you can make that happen simply by booking the service from us.

Jet Washing Services Prices

  • Driveway & Block Paving Cleaning£2.5/m2
  • Patio & Decking Cleaning£2.5/m2

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    My idea of a clean patio was completely changed when you guys came and cleaned it for me. I had really forgotten what its real colour was.
    – Lisa

    I never thought I will say this but your professional cleaning company really changed my life. I thought I was taking good care of my patio until you came along and showed me that I was wrong.
    – Laura

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is your service suitable for cleaning wooden patios?

      Yes, our pressure washing service is suitable for cleaning all hard surfaces.

    • There is moss between the blocks on my patio, can you remove that?

      Yes, all the moss between the blocks and cracks will be removed.

    • Can you restore the original colour of my stone patio?

      Yes, after the cleaning the original colour of the stone will be restored.

    • Should I be at home during the cleaning?

      Your presence is not necessary, all we need is access to the premises.

    Wooden Patio Cleaning SW2, Tulse Hill

    Patio Cleaning Tulse Hill

    Outdoor spaces are usually left behind in the priority list of household responsibilities. However, just as anything else within your house, your patio has to be maintained well and cleaned regularly. This involves more than a broom and is best done by experts. Hire our company to complete the task for you in the most effective way by providing your with professional patio cleaning services.

    We are situated in Tulse Hill, SW2, where we have a great reputation and a number of happy customers. We offer ideal patio cleaning services, which guarantee excellent cleanness of your outdoor area at home. Call us now.

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    We can take care of the wonderful condition of your patio, which will improve the overall sight of your garden and make the entrance of your home more attractive. The patio cleaning our company provides removes the mould, algae, mildew, rust, oily any other stains and mock, gathered on your patio during the damp weather. The perfect condition of your forecourt is guaranteed after our patio cleaning is completed. You can have your patio well refurbished, without dirt and stains, making your house look brilliant. Our company is located in Tulse Hill, SW2 and is ready to provide you the patio cleaning, which you need any time.