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AfterTheBuilders Ltd. is a well known provider of plumbing services in Hanwell, W7. Book your professional plumbers now and get advantage of a free quotation!

No plumbing system is insured against breakages, freezing, clogging and other problems and we know that better than anyone. We are a company from Hanwell, W7 in London which gives to the people the best possible plumbing services. They can be very useful in moment when one of the pipes in your bathroom or laundry room breaks, or when you want voluntarily to replace some of the parts of the plumbing of your home. Any procedure which you book with our company will be delivered to your property by qualified and licensed professionals who have been working for us for years. Contact us and secure the whole plumbing system of your home.

Plumbing Services Prices

  • Central Heating£70/h
  • Boiler Installs and Repairs£70/h
  • Emergency Plumber£70/h

I wanted to sell my house so I had to get it ready. I called this agency and they immediately fixed leaks, installed new sinks, faucets and pipes.
– Morgan

I really surprised my husband when I showed him that the pipes were fixed in an impeccable way. Thank you for making that possible, you are just perfect.
– Rebecca

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide emergency plumbing services?

    Yes, just give us a call and out customer support team will take care of the rest.

  • Can you install new dishwashing machine?

    Yes, our plumbers can install all kinds of dishwashing machines.

  • The pipes in the bathroom are leaking. Can you fix them?

    Yes, we can fix any leaks no matter of the pipe. We can repair copper and plastic pipes.

  • My sink is not draining any more, can you repair it?

    Sure, we can fix any draining problem. If you have a problem with the sink just call us!

Professional Plumbers W7, Hanwell

Plumbing Services Hanwell

If you have leaking in the pipes in your home, problems with your boiler, drainage, radiators, washing machines, dishwasher or any other devices using the plumbing system we can help you fix it. Our qualified plumbers will repair the pipes, replace the broken parts with new, do the necessary repairs to make all your electrical devices using water function properly. Our plumbing services will save you a lot of problems and complications. The plumbers’ inspections, repair work and consultation will make your electrical water functioning machines work properly. You can find us in Hanwell, W7, call us or send us your plumbing problems online.

We also cover:

Boiler Reapairs Hanwell, W7

Boiler Installation Hanwell

Are you having troubles with the plumbing at home? Are there issues you simply can’t deal with on your own? You don’t have to. Use our professional plumbing services and allow our experts to cope with the problem instead of you. We are an experienced company, which is situated in Hanwell, W7 and has been providing customers in the area with idea plumbing services for a very long time. We have proven the excellence of our work and have made people love our services. We have a team of trained professionals, who can handle anything, when it comes to plumbing.